• HCIN-794 MS HCI Capstone
  • Teaching Assistantship with Dr. Kristen Shinohara.
    In this course, students design a proposal for a capstone project to apply the theories and methodologies to a problem in the HCI domain. Students work through the guidance, investigate a problem space, perform a literature review, develop the problem statement, write a proposal for how they intend to design and implement a solution, and communicate the proposal to potential capstone committee members.
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  • HCIN-600 Research Methods in Human-computer Interaction
  • Teaching Assistantship with Dr. Roshan Peiris.
    This course provides students with an introduction to various research methods eomployed in human computer interaction. The course provides an overview of the research process and the literature review, and provides experience with qualitative, survey, and experimental research methods. The course also introduces students to both quantative and qualitative data analysis methods in HCI research. Students study existing research, design and conduct studies, and document their findings.
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  • CS-360 Software Engineering
  • Teaching Assistantship with Dr. Suleman Shahid.
    Students are introduced to practical problems of specifying, designing, and developing and testing software systems. UML (Unified Modeling Language), the standard tool for expressing designs in software engineering, are also introduced. The main part of the course is a semester long small-group collaborative project in which students apply their recently-learned technical skills and understanding of software development life cycle models.


  • Alumni Development Program at The Citizen Foundation
  • The program is run by a professionally managed non-profil organization in Pakistan. The objectives are to promote students from under-previliged and under-represented backgournds to pursue tertiary education at colleges or universities. It consists of advanced coursework in mathematics and critical reading to enhance basic academic skills, problem solving capabilities, and critical thinking in graduating high school students.